Uniting a Team Around a Common Goal Offers Limitless Potential


Candoris Founder and Chief Accountability Officer Stephan Van Der Ploog approached establishing a digital solutions company as an opportunity—and blank slate—for a leader to develop guiding principles in new territory.

This humbling responsibility wasn’t taken lightly, and the digital solutions provider called Candoris emerged as a company focused on committing resources to impact children around the world with medicine, education, and clean water initiatives. The core purpose of creating lasting value through fellowship and innovation is visible in the hearts and hands of a team that leverages technology and the daily pursuit of customer satisfaction and success. They are inspired and challenged by these core values created at the company’s institution that remain strong and constant to this day:

  • Humility, Unity, Truth; Absence of Negativity, Politics, and Selfishness
  • Creating and Leveraging Innovation to Solve Problems
  • Respect and Honor Family and Life Priorities
  • Intentionally Impacting Others Through Profits and Servanthood
  • Steadfast Commitment to Doing the Right Thing

From day one, we created Candoris to be a different kind of company, doing what’s right for customers, partners, team members, and the world. We believe that the minute you make dollars the deciding factor, you do things that hurt your culture — which impacts everything. 

-Stephan Van Der Ploog, Founder, Candoris