Reimagining Success with the Salesforce Platform of Solutions: Children’s HopeChest

Case Study

Data can be daunting. It might feel intimidating to consider overhauling resources and tools. But dreaming about effortlessly generating comprehensive data reports is always easy.

Done right, data tells a story that connects all of the dots between the who, what, where, when and how. But before data becomes real, it presents a disconnected picture that lacks meaning.

There’s a particular nonprofit that we worked with who had the courage to journey into their pain points and the willingness to reimagine success. Here’s their inspirational story.

“Our previous system was very complicated, and the Candoris team was able to write the migration logic that brought in our old information cleanly and quickly. They helped us migrate from an old instance of Salesforce Classic and Luminate CRM/Luminate Online onto a new instance of NPSP and a new payment processor. They did a great job understanding our organization and building solutions that fit our model and our budget.


Children’s HopeChest (CHC) is a burgeoning nonprofit that empowers orphaned and impoverished children and their communities through relationships forged in a community-to-community model. They partner with businesses, organizations, and churches along with their associated individuals, and have multiple forms of child sponsorship models that span the globe.

Despite having Salesforce as their CRM, CHC had trouble internally tracking things and making connections with their data. Their resources weren’t working for them and they were considering customizing the suite of tools such as the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). They needed an implementation partner to re-engineer and reimagine how their organization could succeed with the Salesforce Platform and make it fit their business needs. CHC had already attempted to navigate through and solve their business challenges; they were unable to rebuild their database off platform and successfully migrate their data. They needed a trusted advisor.

The Candoris team reimagined CHC’s pathway to success. We build out CHC’s Salesforce instance with customized solutions that impacted processes and user experiences for the better. We replaced third-party tools with custom solutions to enable complete integration with Salesforce and avoid annual licensing costs with third-party vendors. Finally, we rebuilt the online donation experience so that users now have a shopping cart e-commerce feature to enable multiple types of gift-giving with one transaction.


For CHC, their data is now personal, connected, and real! Their experienced benefits after the project with Candoris include:

Data visibility – they now possess a connected ecosystem of integrated solutions that delivers them full visibility into and understanding of their data supported by clean reporting

Relationship building – they have the ability to track, manage, and maintain constituents and donor relationships in dynamic new ways

Enhanced caregiving – with the capability to log information on the children they support around the world, CHC and donors can learn everything about the children in their programs and tie monetary gifts specifically to a particular need of a particular child

Reduction of technical debt – improved efficiencies and infrastructure reduces technical debt

Enhanced digital footprint – improved site search and ecommerce user experience encourages donations

Improved financial posture – better bank reconciliation processes deliver CHC optimal daily finance management

These improvements have completely changed the trajectory of this nonprofit!

Screenshots of CHC’s new solutions implemented by Candoris.

“The Candoris team did an outstanding job of understanding our business and technical needs. They listened, made suggestions, and gave us a system that provides us the flexibility and future growth potential we had been missing. They always goes above and beyond expectations and they’re a great team to work with!”


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