Redeemer City to City

Case Study

Company Overview

Redeemer City to City is a nonprofit organization that prayerfully recruits, trains, coaches and resources leaders who cultivate gospel movements in global cities primarily through church planting. City to City is based in New York City and works in over 140 global cities throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe. City to City’s core competencies are urban church planting, leadership development, and content creation.


  • Extensive manual processes
  • They could not account for GAUs;  customers had to donate in a particular way so that Redeemer could figure out what fund it would go into
  • Many process builders running to allocate opportunities that would cause major performance issues
  • Inefficient, purchased third party tools to process donations that left needs unmet
  • MailChimp was not a great tool to feed the communication style that they need organizationally and had no integration with their former system.


  • GAUs for reporting on different segments of financial data
  • NPSP for constituent management, pastoral management, church management, and donation management
  • Pardot for a robust marketing outreach program
  • Stripe payment processor and Candoris custom data fetcher
  • for donation pages
  • SurveyGizmo for interest survey data
  • Partner Communities for pastor management
  • MapAnything to geocode data
  • Eventbrite to organize events


  • Dramatic increase in productivity due to automated donation routing
  • Enhanced ability to track donor gift designations as well as financials unrelated to donations
  • Streamlined systems to gain efficiencies
  • Afforded flexibility to organize payment data
  • Geographic view of real-time donors
  • Deeper understanding of donor base
  • An enhanced internal and external marketing experience
  • Comprehensive view of transaction details in Salesforce
  • Specific view of data for pastors to understand their finances
  • The opportunity for unlimited flexible donation pages to be connected to Salesforce CRM data


Candoris continues to provide support to Redeemer City to City through Admin as a Service. Walking hand-in-hand with our certified consultants has enabled them to take advantage of new and available Salesforce features, to keep stride with industry best practices, to continually reevaluate and modify processes to create efficiencies, and to have an expert guide at their side. We highly value the partnership with Redeemer City to City that has evolved into a trusted relationship.