Nexford University

Case Study

Nexford University’s mission is to enable greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing learners access to high-quality, affordable, dynamic education. They foster learner success by utilizing next-generation technologies of AI and machine learning.

Their challenges included:

  • As a new university, they had no CRM to capture student application data
  • They needed to ensure the application would function correctly and be accessible in countries around the world, even in remote areas with slow internet speeds
  • The application needed to allow users to log in and save/submit applications and/or submit support tickets
  • Their current marketing platform had limited capacity to connect with the needed CRM

Main Results

  • Building a Heroku application to support an application for admission and integrate the application with Salesforce; including abilities of users logging in and saving/submitting applications, of paying enrollment fees via Stripe, and of tracking information and reporting on statuses.
  • Viewing applicant data in Salesforce and make admission decisions; including abilities of tracking lead generation, of notifying students, and of configuring dashboards, notes, and permissions.
  • Implementing Pardot and integrating it with Salesforce to automate email communications; including the ability of hosting landing pages, nurturing campaigns, and tracking scores and analytics.

Nexford University is now poised to offer aspiring students around the globe a seamless, dynamic application process and personalized interaction as they pursue higher education to succeed in the workplace.

“Candoris was an amazing partner for us and delivered against an aggressive timeline and evolving requirements.”


Paul Coleman, CTO, Nexford University