International Mission Board

Case Study

Sharing Values, Accelerating Vision

Company Profile

Since its founding in 1845, much about International Mission Board’s work has changed, but never their core calling: to support servants of the Great Commission around the world, reaching people through service and evangelism. This work occurs on two fronts, providing operational support for missionaries in the field while engaging and collaborating with churches and communities back home.

IMB drives engagement in three ways: praying, giving, and going. This cycle is critical – without it mission work won’t happen. As leader of their Church Success Center, Lisa Pumpelley was charged with modernizing how IMB managed the organization’s most important assets: people and information.

But how do you turn disparate systems and accumulated data points into better understanding of what really matters?

The Challenge

Leverage emerging tools and technologies to improve and expand the services IMB provides to missions and churches.

As the organization outgrew their initial investment in, they were facing infrastructure challenges at the same time, both technical and governance-driven. It was critical to solve each issue in parallel, modernizing both their applications and the infrastructure that powered them.

  • Consolidate systems to create global access and governance around CRM data while empowering rich, meaningful metrics
  • Develop a product roadmap that ended in the cloud
  • Onboard advanced social listening, marketing, and analytics tools

Their search for non-profit software expertise led to a referral to the Candoris software development team. After working to fully evaluate and understand IMB needs, Candoris engineers went to work, helping IMB build a platform that was both dynamic and ultra-efficient.

The Solution

A unified platform designed for both fast engagement and deep ongoing collaboration.

The goal was to unify disparate systems and workflows inside an adaptive platform for engaging stakeholders across the entire mission field. The new CRM strategy would also be smarter, enabling IMB to embrace emerging opportunities and efficiencies, reshaping internal processes and accelerating transformation.

Innovation and efficiency are just the start. Modern tools also drive simplicity, speed and scale, enabling IMB leadership to deliver better service while reducing the cost of operations. “My job title says it all – I’m here to focus on customer success, not technology. Candoris expertise lets me do exactly that.”

“Candoris really understands our goals – that’s their focus. They’re not pushing technology, but answers that meet those goals – that’s what the relationship is about.”

The Results

A complete view of every stakeholder, stronger measurement of critical give, pray, go metrics.

With a foundational 360-degree view of the organization and its stakeholders designed and deployed, IMB and Candoris are working together to define the requirements of the next evolution of their engagement and collaboration platforms, including new metrics, new channels, new tools.

  • Rapidly expanding integration of customer management and marketing
  • Continued migration to the cloud
  • Ongoing evaluation of new features, functions, and fixes

Candoris offers both big picture strategic vision and detailed technical guidance. It’s a partnership with a near-perfect fit IMB felt during their first engagement. “They get us – how we work. We’re fast paced and they’re able to keep up – without losing sight of shared core values. It’s hard to find partners like that.” Driven by shared values and a commitment to excellence, the relationship continues to be critical to IMB’s future. “Candoris really understands our goals – that’s their focus. They’re not pushing technology, but answers that meet those goals – that’s what the relationship is about.”