Denver Scholarship

case study

Who & What

Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) is a promise scholarship organization that provides needs-based scholarships to graduates of Denver Public Schools. DSF works through career and guidance counselors within the school system to assist high school students in their preparation and application to colleges as well as their application for scholarships. They also partner with public colleges in the state of Colorado, collaborating with the financial aid and academic services departments to determine scholarship eligibility and amounts.

Business Need

DSF’s primary business objectives for the project were to pro- vide better structure and reporting to their business processes and to increase collaboration with their various high school, college and granting partners. One of the critical components was to create an online portal experience for college partners to exchange data related to students applying and/or enrolled within their institution. Prior to this project, to exchange data, hand-crafted spreadsheets were passed between DSF staff and college partners numerous times in order to accurately capture the needed data.

The Results

Candoris worked with DSF to deploy a Salesforce-based solution to model their student-scholar data, which provides access to DSF staff, high school counselors and college partners. Candoris worked closely with DSF staff to define requirements for the overall system and utilized agile methodologies to implement the final solution. Multiple small releases allowed DSF to meet critical milestones within their business lifecycle while giving them the ability to adopt smaller aspects of the solution over time. Partner portal access was provided through Salesforce Communities. Each college has multiple staff members who access the portal to review and update key financial aid and academic data according to their permission level.

Overall the solution allows DSF staff and college partners to gain access to data in real time what previously require multiple conversations and multiple weeks to gather. The system provides an end-to-end view of each system within a highly reportable solution.