Delivering Joy Through Every Radio: Radio Training Network Case Study

Case study

Company Profile: Faith-based nonprofit family of radio stations

Challenge: Siloed data, outgrown payment processor, and insufficient constituent visibility

Solution: Implement a CRM and fundraising solution with Salesforce

Result: 360-degree constituent view, improved campaign management, and centralized donation processing

There has never been a greater need in recent history for uplifting, positive, hopeful messaging. Radio Training Network (RTN) exists to share Christ-focused stories, music, and conversations, outreach efforts, and a perpetually-open prayer center with listeners across the world. In an effort to best understand, serve, and engage with their constituents, RTN partnered with Candoris on a multi-phased Salesforce integration project.

A Case for Change

Before implementing Salesforce, RTN did not have a 360-degree view of constituents or how their data told a larger story. Almost all of their data was siloed across departments, none of which were integrated with each other. Their main donor management software was unstable, and their automatic payment processing was unreliable. As they had outgrown their current solution, they had also reached their processing limits. The RTN leadership team knew that they needed to choose an integrated platform and partner with an organization that would guide them through data migration and customizing a scalable and reliable solution, thereby helping them connect the dots.

Incredible Workload and Data Hygiene Improvements

Phase I of the project involved bringing two of RTN’s largest data silos into collaboration: donor relations and underwriting. In doing so they have experienced substantial, trajectory-changing improvements – the most measurable of them being increased workload efficiencies. 

A 50% reduction in the amount of manual intervention for online giving.

Before Salesforce, an online donation required the RTN team to manually process and deduplicate data…to the beat of 60% of all online gifts! They are now able to automate much of this and have achieved a 50% reduction in the amount of manual intervention and decision making required – down to under 30% of online gifts. In quarters like recently, when they received nearly 15,000 online gifts, the gained efficiency represents an estimated 120 hours of saved manual workload and potential human error…about 500 hours/year!

A 100% completely automated processing of fundraising events

With their old software, phone gifts generated from fundraising events/drives were manually recorded and went through a deduplication filter. With 65% of phone gifts sparking potential duplicates, the team spent a lot of time manually correcting data. This process has been 100% automated. In their most recent weeklong event, this gained efficiency completely eliminated the manual processing of 2,395 records…an estimated savings of over 40 hours of processing time! They previously had to dedicate a single team member to this as their sole focus during fundraising events; this is no longer the case.

“Candoris was a true partner and guided with unfettered commitment through the process even when we had to step back and re-work portions of it. We’ve arrived at the stage where all the processes we were seeking to improve and integrate in Phase I are complete and working extremely well.”

– Jacqueline Pastika, Network Data Analyst, Radio Training Network

While incredible, the savings reflected in time and resources are just a portion of the impact. Reduction of manual data deduplication and record adjustment is ensuring data integrity and eliminating human error. The RTN team is seeing relationships between two critical business areas in a way never previously possible.

Communication with constituents was also dramatically altered with the implementation of Salesforce. RTN is now able to communicate more effectively and efficiently, avoiding conflicting or overlapping conversations and achieving holistic engagement insight.

Donor survey confirmation
Salesforce station dashboard
On-air dashboard

No Slowing Down

Even though the first phase took longer than anticipated, RTN is very pleased with the end result. They knew that their continued success depended on an ongoing relationship with a trusted advisor, as they lacked the internal expertise to achieve the desired highly customized solution. With Candoris Admin as a Service, support is given on an as-needed basis.

“The Candoris team members are incredible – easy to work with, professional, and knowledgeable. They’ve been instrumental in us achieving organizational goals for Phase I of a multiphase project aiming to arrive at a 360-degree view of constituents,” comments Pastika.

RTN has only just begun their journey utilizing the Salesforce platform to gain a 360-degree view of their constituents. With this specific advancement in place, their team is working diligently to incorporate together all siloed datasets to tell the story of who, what, and when. The RTN major gifts officer is now able measure constituent engagement with insight into interactions, and thereby determine potential for legacy giving to fund the ministry’s long-term needs. Their forward momentum is generating immeasurable results.

RTN has achieved great success, and we’re thankful to continue partnering with them on their journey!