Data Confidence for Legislative Conviction

Case Study

Supercharging Support of Critical Assets  

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) out of Washington, DC, recruits state and local legislators in a collaborative focused on best practice sharing and model policy development to create solutions for the states. The organization exists in a space where all organizations are mired by legacy business and information delivery models. But today, the digital landscape demands rapid, effective, online collaboration, and they needed a comprehensive, scalable, and streamlined platform that would support their work.

ALEC engaged Candoris to build a comprehensive, end-to-end Salesforce solution encompassing database, Service Cloud, Communities and Pardot email. The resulting platform delivered data integrity, custom reporting, and member – both ALEC-to-individual and distributed member-to-member – engagement opportunities in a first-ever legislator collaboration tool.

“For busy nonprofits like ours, the entire data department and the administrators are often just one person. But that person is tasked with improving processes ranging from email communications and donor financing, from daily email communications to complex CRM functions. Candoris was nimble, knowledgeable, and affordable; they guided us through enhanced productivity in each of these areas.”
– Jason Bethke, Director, Digital Strategy at ALEC

ALEC anticipated embarking on a multi-faceted project in order to arrive at their desired functionality. At the commencement of the Candoris/ALEC partnership, the ALEC team looked to Candoris to unify communications, expand visibility, ensure data integrity, and streamline intuitive Salesforce workflows.

Where to begin with such an ambitious plan that would change an organization’s entire trajectory? 

Candoris began by delivering a Salesforce instance and migrating all data sets. As the ALEC team gained confidence in their new Salesforce instance, they looked to enhance and expand their email marketing and community building efforts to cultivate and nurture their constituents and donors.

Implementing Pardot would offer them:  

  • Incredible flexibility customized to their unique needs
  • Donor segmentation and facilitation of direct outreach
  • Configuration of marketing data and campaign management, rolling up information and other data to support marketing efforts.

Implementing Communities and Service Cloud would offer them: 

  • Distributed member convening and engagement opportunities
  • Reduced friction on standard business and help-desk type processes

Candoris configured Pardot and set up the Salesforce connector. This supported ALEC’s need to send emails from Pardot that not only pulled data from Salesforce but enabled integrated tracking and data-share between the two systems. We then created and trained them on sample engagement programs that showcased the ability for Salesforce to support campaigns, complete with email templates, configuration of website tracking, and sample lists and drip programs.

They foresaw the need to offer self-service at a variety of permission levels to their members and looked to Candoris to implement a Salesforce Community. We built a community that supported outward communications of news and updates, events and registrations, contacts and membership statuses and renewals, travel reimbursement requests and expense approvals, group discussion features, and more. To further enhance community member experience, we configured Salesforce Service Cloud to support case management and deployed Live Agent for real-time chat. Remote training sessions with ALEC staff solidified understanding of these new features.

A Future of Growth  

Their entire team realizes the incredible value that Salesforce has afforded them, and they’re thrilled with the relationship between Candoris and their organization. “Growth is the new norm. We’re confident in our data and we’re continually increasing our utilization of the cool features built into Salesforce, Pardot, and Communities.”

“Our experience with Candoris was fantastic! The care and consideration of their team was apparent from the very beginning of the discovery process through to project completion,” Bethke remarked.

Candoris is impressed at the convicted motivation that the team at ALEC pours into supporting their community and their country and anticipates more great things to come.